wools++: Major update!

I've totally revamped wools++.  Major changes include:

I have ideas for plenty of other features as well, and I'd be happy to take further suggestions.

Related, Overcast Network recently updated their stats system as well, providing statistics breakdowns based on game mode and playing time which is really cool (except, oh god, now I can easily see how much I play each day).  I plan on incorporating some of this new information into wools++ in the future.

New project: wools++

I've taken on another minecraft related project in an attempt to learn some more python as well as some basic web development.


Introducing wools++

Centered on the Overcast Network (formerly Project Ares) collection of minecraft servers, wools++ collects data from a user's profile a few times per day and produces more sophisticated statistics (such as rolling values) and even some time series plots.  Here's a couple from my profile:




  • KD = kills/deaths
  • RK7 = rolling kills (kills over the last 7 days)
  • RD7 = rolling deaths
  • RKD7 = rolling KD

The name itself comes from a capture-the-flag type game often played on the servers, where the flag is replaced by a minecraft wool block.  If you successfully capture a wool block, your "wools" count is incremented.

The project is hosted on Google's app engine for a couple reasons.

  • It can be free (if your app is small enough)
  • Built in datastore (no need to worry about setting up my own SQL database or anything)
  • Python support.  This is great because python is generally a super useful language to know, particularly in the computational sciences.

In the future I'll definitely spend some time discussing the process I went through building this app, because in some cases Google's documentation was a little bit light on the details.  For now, check out the about page if you'd like to read about more details, and you can find the source here.