Games, data, skateboarding, graphs.  Try not to take anything on here too seriously.  I mostly write about stuff as I learn it, so feedback is always welcome! Don't go back too far because I knew even less about what I was talking about.

This blog is updated so aperiodically that taking its Fourier transform would be quite difficult.

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  1. Ben,

    you're a real piece of work. perhaps the overabundance of cheese throughout your development has stunted you in unforeseen ways. I will need to following samples to run analysis: hair, blood, stool, any Black Label videos you possess, that book I borrowed you, $20, more stool, your TI-84, beard mold and an Anti-Hero hoodie (size XL). perhaps whenever we meet again, i will drag you away so we can.... finally.... chat.... finally. gotta go run some assays, good luck with the blog, it's pretty sweet (pun intended).